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Alexandra and Jesse

Welcome to our wedding website, we can’t wait to celebrate with you. Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Washoes to I do’s, our love story.
A Sloane family function we had both attended multiple times, but somehow never met. Until Alex showed up in her Pabst blue ribbon sunglasses, and Jesse was wearing the classiest t-shirt he owns - full of holes and the f-bomb across the front. This was somehow enough to trigger a night of fun, laughter and the first time Alex said yes to Jesse - agreeing to go on a date!
The next three months brought multiple dates, cottage adventures and constant good times….and then she left. Alex and Isabella took a trip to western Canada for a couple weeks. Excited to see them both again, I went to pick them up from the airport just days before Christmas. As it turned out, we all had Covid by Christmas Eve. Immediately we were doing our first Christmas and new year’s together as a family while forced to isolate for two weeks. Since we couldn’t even leave the house for that time, it brought us closer each day and solidified where this relationship was going.
As the happiness continued to grow over the next few months, so did the conversation of giving Isabella a sibling. By June these talks were reality and there was a bun in the oven!
Clearly wanting to live together now, Alex listed and sold her house. With a closing date at the start of November, we were leaving for Mexico 2 weeks later. After squeezing her full house into an already cluttered home, life was feeling a little chaotic. Vacation couldn’t have come at a better time. I had planned to propose during our holiday, I went through about 300 different scenarios in my mind how it would go. As it turns out, I needed 301. On the second day of vacation, the excitement of asking Alex to be my wife could not be contained. As she sat at the pools edge and I was standing in the pool, I grabbed something from my towel and opened the box.
Rambling on through words, Alex finally interrupted with words of her own - “Are you going to ask me?” Straight to the point, I asked, she happily answered yes! Here we are now planning the rest of our life together. And we are so happy to celebrate it with our friends and family.